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Google adds Digital-out-of-Home inventory to its Display & Video 360 ad planning tool

Google has introduced digital out-of-home buying into its DV360 demand-side platform (DSP), allowing marketers to extend their campaign activations across more channels from a single place.

Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) allows advertisers to reach consumers in physical spaces via screens that can be purchased in near real-time. DOOH screens allow advertisers to deliver their video content dynamically, according to various contextual and tactical conditions. Display & Video 360 users can now purchase DOOH screens in public places such as malls, airports, metro stations, elevators, and roadsides.

Centralising purchasing and automating outdoor campaigns is especially effective for brands with an international presence. Using DV360, brands can reach global audiences with a single tool. Which also helps to enable the measurement and optimisation of campaigns from a single dashboard. 

ASOS was one of the first major brands to use DV360 across a multi-channel approach, including DOOH. Using the platform’s mapping UI, ASOS purchased screens in targeted locations and purchased inventory programmatically from the relevant publishers. Hundreds of billboards generated 22 million impressions across the region.

Post-campaign research found that adding DOOH inventory to the campaign increased brand awareness by 14% and increased brand consideration in exposed versus control areas by 22%.

This latest integration by Google benefits the MENA market in several ways. Agencies are more likely to adopt programmatic DOOH as DV360 is the most widely used DSP across the region. This eases collaboration between agency buyers and regional DOOH suppliers to deliver DOOH inventory to digitally native advertising clients through a more streamlined process.

Regional DOOH suppliers will now also have greater access to global buyers managing the international spend and deployment of global campaigns. Onboarding regional inventory into DV360 will integrate local suppliers into the global framework and help unify large-scale international deployments. Ultimately, as programmatic DOOH continues to grow and more platform options become available to buyers, the channel’s overall adoption will expand. 

With Google now becoming a platform option for buying DOOH inventory, the market can expect some dramatic growth in the space. Expanding the market for programmatic DOOH should also provide strong incentives for innovation in the area and lead to further tech development and deeper integration into the digital programmatic ecosystem. As a DOOH supplier with a focus on programmatic delivery, Elevision is excited to be part of this innovation!