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Elevator Screens

Elevision Elevator
Our 15-inch & 19-inch elevator screens are placed in distraction-free environments in the most prominent locations for professionals and residents alike. These locations allow you to captivate your audience’s attention and make your message shine.

Large Format

Get unparalleled exposure with our 46 large format screens in our flagship DIFC network. Nested within Dubai’s most prominent business district, you’ll get access to one of the most affluent communities in Dubai, whether as day-time professionals or nightlife fiends.


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Elevision’s North and South Hoardings have a commanding presence on this high traffic thoroughfare. Stretching throughout the entire DIFC freezone and connecting Dubai Mall to The World Trade Center – this roadway reaches an audience of business executives, affluent shoppers, and many of Dubai’s best and brightest on their daily commute. At over 50m in length, these assets deliver a powerful message to the passing traffic and are sure to have impact on a highly targeted audience.


Bridge the gap between the physical advertising screen and the audience’s mobile device. With Catch, the audience can ‘catch’ content and interact with it, giving them instant rewards! To learn more about Catch visit them here.

Elevision Elevator