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Careem Plus is a monthly subscription program that provides additional value across all Careem services. For AED19.00 per month, Careem Plus subscribers get 10% back on rides, no delivery fee on over 5,000 restaurants, no delivery fee on groceries, and many more benefits.


By displaying ads across the Elevision elevator network using a clear CTA to subscribe, Careem Plus should increase awareness, consideration, and subscription signups.


To test the hypothesis, the Elevision network was split into Test zones and Control zones. The division of the network was done so that there was a balanced split of locations that had high Elevision penetration as well low Elevision penetration. The Careem Plus advertisements were displayed across the Test zones using 12 seconds spots in a 4-minute loop frequency. No Careem Plus ads were displayed across the Control zones.

Campaign Statistics


A difference-in-difference (DiD) approach between Test & Control groups was applied based on

pre-launch and post-launch metrics. This approach evaluates the relative change in the Test group’s

share of total Careem Plus subscriptions, versus the Control group share of the same. It also analyses

the change of Test group subscriptions head-to-head with the Control group.