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Fairy is an international brand, primarily used for washing up liquid and dishwasher detergent, owned by the American multinational consumer products company, Procter & Gamble. The brand originated in the United Kingdom in 1898 and has since expanded further into a variety of soap-based products.


Drive brand awareness and boost product conversions for Platinum Plus dishwasher capsules through a strategic campaign, utilising QR-enabled creatives on Elevision elevator screens to offer free product samples and encourage audience engagement.


Fairy strategically planned an 8-day campaign for free dishwasher capsule giveaways, aligning with the anticipated demand. Targeting circuits frequented by families, backed by our af nity index, ensured effective promotion, considering the widespread use of dishwashers in their households.

Campaign Results

Campaign Impact


After achieving the campaign’s conversion objectives in just 3 days and only 25% of planned impressions, the client opted to pause the campaign. The campaign performance delivered a 404% increase in the targeted conversion rate and provided the client with a significantly higher ROI than planned.