Greens & Views

A close-knit community of mid and high-rise towers

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About Greens & Views
The close-knit Greens & Views community of 55 mid and high-rise towers enjoys close proximity to Dubai Marina as well as Downtown Dubai and many other bustling locations. As a family-oriented community, the easily accessible Greens & Views is surrounded by lush greenery and shaded walkways, is minutes away from world-class golf courses, and well-connected to all Dubai has to offer. If you’re looking to reach expats settled in Dubai, the Greens & Views is the community to speak to. Using Elevision’s Dubai digital-out-of-home platform to amplify your message and content strategy is sure to catch their attention and influence their action.
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Circuit Buildings List

Al Sidir 1
Al Sidir 2
Al Sidir 3
Al Sidir 4
Al Ghaf 1
Al Ghaf 2
Al Ghaf 3
Al Ghaf 4
Al Nakheel 1
Al Nakheel 2
Al Nakheel 3
Al Nakheel 4
Al Jaz 1
Al Jaz 2
Al Jaz 3
Al Jaz 4
Al Dhafrah 1
Al Dhafrah 2
Al Dhafrah 3
Al Dhafrah 4
Al Samar 1
Al Samar 2
Al Samar 3
Al Samar 4
Al Thayyal 1
Al Thayyal 2
Al Thayyal 3
Al Thayyal 4
Al Ghozlan 1
Al Ghozlan 2
Al Ghozlan 3
Al Ghozlan 4
Al Arta 1
Al Arta 2
Al Arta 3
Al Arta 4
Views 1
Views 2
Turia A
Turia B
Arno A
Arno B
Golf Tower 1
Golf Tower 2
The Fairways North Tower
The Fairways East Tower
The Fairways West Tower
Panorama 1
Panorama 2
Panorama 3
Panorama 4
Al Alka 3