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About Media City

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative business environment, Dubai Media City has rapidly emerged as a global media hub. As the name suggests Dubai Media City is home to all of Dubai’s credible media professionals, and indeed, this integrated  media free zone houses the who’s who of the global media industry. From designers, writers and producers, to music, film, broadcasting and information agencies, Dubai Media City caters to an eclectic group of industry specialists. This is where media executives work, lunch and deal.

Whether influencing or being influenced this is the place to be if you are either directly, or play any role in, the media industry eco-system in the region. Tech savvy and always with an eye on media, Elevision’s digital-out-of-home advertising network in Media City is almost a utility, as the tenants of these buildings, many of whom work themselves in advertising in Dubai, expect to consume Elevision’s news, infotainment and brand messages on a daily basis.