Palm Jumeirah

The world's most famous man-made archipelago

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About Palm Jumeirah
As iconic as Dubai itself, the dazzling Palm Jumeirah island is about as daring a development and unique a residential community as one will find anywhere in the world. 40 of Dubai’s most sought after residential buildings populate this man-made archipelago and is home to a high-income demographic that enjoys this prestigious, palm tree-shaped address as well as many of the finer things life has to offer. On the doorstep to some of the world’s premium hotel brands, and now more recently to two of the city’s newest retail and entertainment spaces in The Pointe and Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah residents have plenty of choice when it comes to places to go, services to secure and experiences to explore. Reaching this audience using Elevision’s digital-out-of-home screens as they come to and from their homes is sure to impact their various shopping, travel, and dining decisions.
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Circuit Buildings List

Tiara | Aquamarine
Tiara | Ruby
Tiara | Diamond
Tiara | Emerald
Tiara | Tanzanite
Golden Mile | Building 1
Golden Mile | Building 2
Golden Mile | Building 3
Golden Mile | Building 4
Golden Mile | Building 5
Golden Mile | Building 6
Golden Mile | Building 7
Golden Mile | Building 8
Golden Mile | Building 9
Golden Mile | Building 10
Marina Residences | Building 1
Marina Residences | Building 2
Marina Residences | Building 3
Marina Residences | Building 4
Marina Residences | Building 5
Marina Residences | Building 6
Palm Views | East Wing
Palm Views | West Wing
Azure Residences
Shoreline Apartments | Al Basri
Shoreline Apartments | Al Dabas
Shoreline Apartments | Al Sultana
Shoreline Apartments | Jash Falqa
Shoreline Apartments | Al Hatimi
Shoreline Apartments | Khudrawi
Shoreline Apartments | Al Msalli
Shoreline Apartments | Al Habool
Shoreline Apartments | Al Anbara
Shoreline Apartments | Al Sarood
Shoreline Apartments | Al Hallawi
Shoreline Apartments | Al Tamr
Shoreline Apartments | Al Shahla
Shoreline Apartments | Abu Keibal
Shoreline Apartments | Al Hamri
Shoreline Apartments | Al Khushkar